In this guide, You will find information about the VR Puzzle Tools package available from the

These tools were originally created during the development stage of the game These Lands. These Lands is a VR puzzle game where you explore an island to learn about its past. It is available on Steam and

Important Information

Please ensure you have SteamVR Plugin within your project. This package utilises it for the demo scenes and for VR interactions. If you would like to use the tools for non-VR games, you will need to remove the VR dependant code from within the scripts.

The string to change if you want a custom floor layer
The string to change if you move the folder of the plugin

When using these tools, you can set the layer that is your floor layer within the EditorHelpers Script. This will be used to raycast in the Scene View when creating the spawn point for the puzzle.

If you want to retain functionality when moving the plugin folder from the root of the project, simple go into the EditorHelpers script and add to the ToolsPackagePrefix string.

The helper GameObject that is used to give transform handlers in preview

When opening up the Editor Windows for the puzzles you will notice a GameObject appears in your Hierarchy. This GameObject is conveniently called ‘DONT DESTROY ME’ and is used to provide custom transform handles when previewing the puzzles placement. This will be removed from your hierarchy on closure of the tool window.

Puzzles Overview

In this section, you will find a brief overview of the gameplay of each of the puzzles in the package.

Archery Gameplay

This puzzle is simple to play.

The player has to shoot all the targets within the specified time frame.

When all targets are hit, the puzzle is completed.

Totem Down Gameplay

This puzzle requires the player to pick up and place rocks on top of the totems.

Each totem has a required weight that is needed to push it down.

There are only a certain number of rocks around the puzzle area, so the player must choose wisely where they put each rock.

Once all totems have been pushed down, the puzzle is completed

Totem Heads Gameplay

This puzzle requires the player to turn the totems to face the master totem.

Some of the totems are part of a chain, and require the previous totem in the chain to be turned to face it before it can face the master totem.

Once all totems face their required directions, the puzzle is completed


Within this video, you will find the information needed to successfully set up and use the tools. If you require help, please reach out to me via Twitter.